Just My Type Musical - couple

New play coming thanks to three huge San Francisco Bay Area Talents.
The Examiner


Mill Valley’s Rita Abrams pens songs for musical based on the Myers-Briggs® test”    Marin IJ article interviewing the authors about their play.



Just My Type Musical - Charlotte Jacobs and Michael Salley

“The house was packed last night for the staged reading of the new musical, JUST MY TYPE.”
– Newsletter for 142 Throckmorton Theatre


“I want this play to be seen by many, not just to entertain, but also to serve as a reminder of how fragile relationships are, and how much commitment and dedication they require.”
– Helen Rossini, LCSW Family Therapist




“Absolutely clever!  Great mix of music with dialogue.”
– Deborah Kohn, Systems Analyst

“Brilliant, funny, sad, poignant with excellent flow.”
– Sherry Wren, Surgeon

Wedding-1“Rita Abrams is at her catchy and clever best in the tuneful score to Just My TYPE.”
– Gerald Nachman, Columnist and author


“The audience is in for a real treat!”
– Gary W. Wright, SF Bay Area Artistic Director

“Will be on Broadway some day. Not only are the songs great, but the core it’s based on –genetic temperament—is masterfully presented.”
– Helen Gallant, Social Worker

Nose-to-Nose“Rita Abrams writes wonderful and captivating music and lyrics, and the shows that emerge from her remarkable creativity are always worth your time and nourishing to your spirit.  JUST MY TYPE is another work of hers that will capture you.”
–  Michael Krasny, Host of NPR’s Forum

“Good job of portraying the intersections where type preferences can meet.”
– Carl Arena, Therapist and MBTI Provider

“The theme, music, set-up were unique and fun. The show has real potential. Can’t wait for the next version—on its return to the Bay Area after playing on Broadway!”
– N. Harband, Physician

“BRAVO!!!!  You so well captured the characters and their emotions, dilemmas and points of view.  The differences within a couple is a subject that fascinates us all, and I bet everyone in the audience was remembering something about their own relationships–past or present as the stories unfurled. Part of the beauty of the play is how easily the audience can relate to the issues.”
– Ellen Blonder, Artist

“Witty, clever and just plain fun! Just My TYPE is unique and inspired!!”
– Julie Valentine, Director, Voice and Acting Teacher